In Mississippi, a call for all superintendents to be appointed

In Mississippi, a call for all superintendents to be appointed

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By Erin McIntyre | January 15, 2016

Dive Brief:

  • In Mississippi, school superintendents can either be elected into the position or appointed, but both the state’s governor and lieutenant governor want to change the law so that all are exclusively appointed.
  • The State Association of Superintendents has opposed that idea, and the president of the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents says that a reason needs to be given for the change, 0ed32c12c92b47aaa6952d21b81a3c71THUMBsince there is currently almost no difference in performance between superintendents that are voted in versus those who are appointed.
  • Superintendents interviewed by local news outlet WLBT seem divided on the issue, with some saying appointments might take the politics out of the position and save time and money by foregoing election campaigns.

Dive Insight:

Right now, a reported 55 superintendents in the state are elected, as opposed to 89 appointed. The state, known for being one of the poorest in the nation, is one of three in the country, along with Florida and Alabama, that hold elections for the position.

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