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… there really are two Americas, and one of them has no idea what is going on, because it depends on “journalists” whose job it is to blockade the news so that unhelpful facts don’t leak through. | POSTED ON  BY JOHN HINDERAKER

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Another Jonathan Gruber video has emerged. I think this is number four, but who’s counting? Gruber is, of course, the gift that keeps on giving, but seriously–what is it with this guy? Apparently he was incapable of giving a speech without blurting out something inappropriate about Obamacare. Too bad no one noticed until now.

This time, Gruber says something truly controversial. He claims that Barack Obama is “not stupid.” That’s debatable. But the newsworthy aspect of Gruber #4 is his observation that supporters of Obamacare talked about cost control because that’s what the American people care about. In fact, Gruber says, Obamacare is 90% about buying people health insurance, but supporters don’t publicize that fact because Americans don’t care about the uninsured. In fact, Gruber admits in another burst of candor, many of the uninsured don’t care–they are young and healthy and think they don’t need health insurance. But we know better! (That’s me, not Gruber.)

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