George Gilder on "Wealth and Poverty"

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“‘Wealth and Poverty’ author George Gilder on why economic policies that support entrepreneurial creativity will boost economic growth.

One of the most influential economic books of the 20th century was “Wealth and Poverty” by George Gilder published in 1981 – it was considered the bible of Reaganomics and was eventually translated into 40 different languages and went on to influence economic policy around the world. Gilder has now updated this classic for the 21st century and it was released earlier this month.

Here’s a great interview by Lou Dobbs with George Gilder:

If you liked that one, here is a longer video interview of George Gilder on the book that appeared on C-Span:Wealth and Poverty Interview

“It’s really amazing how government props up the past in the name of progress.” – George Gilder

Ain’t that the truth…

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