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FutureGen Plan Scrapped

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Another boondoggle on the scrap heap. List of disappointed supporters includes Peabody Coal. Guess everybody’s at the trough on these projects – except the customer.

Published: Friday, 06 February 2015 | www.CoalAge.com

The Obama Administration has suspended development funding for the billion-dollar landmark project FutureGen 2.0, America’s first near-zero emissions coal-fueled power plant that would capture and store carbon dioxide.

A Department of Energy (DOE) spokesperson said that the project’s earmark, which had been in the form of stimulus funding, had been suspended to “best protect taxpayer interests.”

FutureGen, which developers had hoped would come online around 2017, would have been the only fully integrated carbon capture and storage project in the world. There are 22 carbon capture and storage projects in operation or construction globally, and the International Energy Agency initially called for at least 100 projects by 2020.

The Meredosia, Illinois, project’s first design was unveiled under the Clinton Administration’s Vision 21 program and was introduced to the public by the Bush Administration in 2003. It was first shelved in 2008 after losing DOE support, becoming increasingly expensive and, in the opinion of some, succumbing to political pressure.

To read more: http://www.coalage.com/news/latest/4206-futuregen-plan-scrapped.html

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