Marcellus Shale

Some Shale Still Profits at $30

Hello Kemper. “Shale drilling is a young industry, and there’s still plenty of fat to trim and processes to refine. For OPEC, this serves as a reminder: you bet against American innovation at your own risk.” Except the PSC puts the customer at risk for Mississippi Power’s bad bet on the Kemper Lignite Plant.

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Agency: DOE’s green energy loans won’t make a profit

By Michael Bastasch | Published April 28, 2015 | www.thedailycaller – AP Photo It’s official, the Energy Department’s green energy loan program is actually expected to lose money despite media reports that such loans would net the government a profit. The Government Accountability Office says the DOE’s oft-touted $28 billion loan program will cost taxpayers $2.21 billion over the lifetime […]

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The Promise at Technology’s Powerful Heart

So, Kemper, how smart is it to place a 30 year technology bet anyway- especially one that doesn’t work? “Moore’s Law is creative destruction on steroids… Moore’s Law has always induced de-massification: giant mainframe computers become smartwatches… Rigid command-and-control structures in every walk of life, from corporations to governments to education, become vulnerable to competition […]

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It was bound to end badly

One of the most costly government actions is the administration’s war on coal. It is the fuel for about half of the country’s electricity and one of the cheapest sources of energy. Kelley Williams, chair, Bigger Pie Forum,  February 4, 2015 | IT WASN’T TRUE LOVE when the green energy philanderer hooked up with […]

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Mississippi Power's Kemper Project

Court strikes down Kemper rate increases, orders refunds

The Mississippi Supreme Court has invalidated the rate increases related to Mississippi Power Co.’s Kemper County coal plant, and ordered refunds to the utility’s 186,000 ratepayers. Clay Chandler, The Clarion-Ledger11:47 a.m. CST February 13, 2015 Photo credit: Mississippi Power The Mississippi Supreme Court has invalidated the rate increases related to Mississippi Power Co.’s Kemper County […]

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Kemper County Clean Coal Power Plant

Summary of Independent Monitor’s critical report regarding the Kemper project

Company said Kemper COULD have a catastrophic explosion… But, not to worry… Summary by Charles Grayson | Bigger Pie Forum | October 24, 2014 Mississippi law established the Public Service Commission (PSC) with regulatory and quasi-judicial functions. The legislature also established the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff (MPUS) separate from the PSC.  The primary functions of […]

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Oil well pump at sunrise

A better way

The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale formation lies 10,000 – 15,000 feet below the surface of the south west corner of Mississippi and extends west and south into to Louisiana. It contains billions of barrels of crude oil. Its existence has been known for decades… If successful, they will have a big economic impact on the entire […]

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