Clean Energy's Dirty Secret

Clean energy’s dirty secret – Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems

…the more states support renewables, the more they pay for conventional power plants, too, using “capacity payments” to alleviate intermittency. In effect, politicians rather than markets are once again deciding how to avoid blackouts.” And we know politicians are really smart about energy as Kemper proves.

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A Tiny Wind in the World’s Energy Sails

If renewables don’t cut it as an alternative energy source, we have to meet the demand in other ways. Could this mean that renewable doesn’t equal sustainable?Let’s not let the wind get knocked out of us by overly relying on the wrong power source. 32, 1, 30, 1/2. Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute lists […]

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Power plants and prudent public policy

A look at the cost of different types of new power plants from the Institute for Energy Research, based on U.S. Energy Information Administration data, reveals two factors for public officials to keep in mind when deciding what kind of plants to build. A look at the cost of different types of new power plants […]

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