School Buses

It’s the monopoly, stupid

The main problem with K-12 public school education may not be the lack of funding. It’s more likely the lack of competition. Public schools are government monopolies. Monopolies are protected from competition. They don’t have to innovate to improve to survive. So they don’t.

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Can the Free Market Provide Public Education? Entrepreneurship Can Produce Good Education for a Mass Society

The short answer, of course, is: yes, look around. Right now, private enterprise and nonprofit organizations provide all manner of education—from comprehensive schools with classes in the traditional academic subjects, to specialized schools that teach everything from the fine arts to the martial arts, from dancing to dieting, from scuba diving to scrutinizing one’s inner […]

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Do Vouchers Hurt Integration? Maybe Not…

The U.S. Department of Justice filed suit that Louisiana vouchers were hindering integration efforts in Louisiana. A study suggests otherwise. According to EducationNext, since 2012 the publicly-funded Lousiana Scholarship Program (LSP) has allowed thousands of low-income students across that state to leave low-performing public schools and go to local private schools. Sound good? Not to […]

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