Kemper County Clean Coal Power Plant

Summary of Independent Monitor’s critical report regarding the Kemper project

Company said Kemper COULD have a catastrophic explosion… But, not to worry… Summary by Charles Grayson | Bigger Pie Forum | October 24, 2014 Mississippi law established the Public Service Commission (PSC) with regulatory and quasi-judicial functions. The legislature also established the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff (MPUS) separate from the PSC.  The primary functions of […]

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Fire Explosion

Could the Kemper plant explode?

There are good reasons to be concerned that the Kemper County Lignite Plant under con-struction by Mississippi Power could explode if started up. So, will it ever start up? Probably not. Here’s why. Kelley Williams | Chair, Bigger Pie Forum | | October 7, 2014 There are good reasons to be concerned that the […]

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Turtles all the way down

Kemper: Turtles all the way down.

Kemper’s fantasy is that worthless lignite can be turned into a syn gas substitute for natural gas in an experimental plant and burned in a slightly modified conventional natural gas plant to produce electricity cheaper than from natural gas. Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,  August 27, 2014 A myth is a widely held false […]

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