Photo by Mississippi Power
OVERHEAD VIEW: The Kemper Project’s multibillion dollar cost is a product of delays and construction issues.

Kemper power plant bad for Miss. Power customers

“Other local heroes include the Sierra Club, Brett Wingo (the former plant manager who became a whistleblower), Steve Wilson at and the folks at who have helped make transparent the ever-escalating costs of this fiasco.”

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Obama, Kemper, Haley, and Mabus

Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,   July 9, 2016 President Obama’s model for “Clean Coal” has gone awry according to the New York Times.  That’s Mississippi Power’s Kemper County Lignite Plant.  We’ve been writing about this boondoggle for years.  The NYT weighed in this week with a two page spread. Bigger Pie provided some information […]

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