Photo Credit: Oxford House
NEXT DOOR: Oxford House locations are popping up all over Mississippi and the taxpayer-funded halfway houses are under fire for a lack of oversight by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health.

Resident has concerns, but Mississippi Board of Mental Health doesn’t want to hear about them

Apparently, the Mississippi Board of Mental Health doesn’t have five minutes to hear from a taxpayer…In a meeting Thursday, Linda Woods wanted to tell the board about a loved one’s experience in one of the state’s taxpayer-funded halfway houses.

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RIGHT NEXT DOOR: A government-supported organization that helps landlords put halfway houses in neighborhoods is drawing fire in Jackson

State senator calls for Mississippi to end Oxford House’s federal grant

State Sen. Will Longwitz, R-Madison — who represents an area of northeast Jackson with several of the houses — has called for the MDMH to terminate the federal grant and find another contractor to perform recovery services for addicts.

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Self interest in a non profit wrapper

Conflict is escalating over a half way house (Bon Ami) for recovering addicts and rehabilitating ex convicts on East Northside Drive. There are three other such houses in north east Jackson. Homeowners are concerned about recovering addicts and ex cons as neighbors in rental houses and are fearful about property values and safety.

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