ON THE ROAD: Mississippi state employees traveled on official business in 2016 to tourist hot spots like Las Vegas, Jackson Hole and Florida’s Gulf beaches, according to an examination of budget requests

Mississippi state employees rack up $6.8 million in travel expenses

Mississippi state employees took trips to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Jackson Hole, and Florida’s Gulf Coast in fiscal 2016, with state and federal taxpayers picking up most of the nearly $7 million tab.

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Contractors use political donations to procure business

By Wyatt Emmrich | March 24, 2016 | www.northsidesun.com Startup Engineering company Trilogy Engineering is trying to get a $400,000 contract with the city of Jackson to study lead contamination in the water supply. As it turns out, Trilogy’s top executives were involved in fund-raising efforts for Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber, who is pushing the […]

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