Richard Ocejo's Masters of Craft - Book Review by Ashby Foote

Book Review – Masters of Craft

In Masters of Craft, Ocejo focuses on four of the myriad new “artisanal professions” – bartending, distilling, barbering and butchering. His in depth look at these four crafts provides a narrow but fascinating perspective on how the millennial generations, many of which are just entering the workforce, are grappling with a post-industrial economy that has […]

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Kelley Williams, Chair Bigger Pie Forum

A Better Economic Development Policy

…an economic development policy that encourages private investments by knowledgeable businesses and individuals with skin in the game has a better chance of working than “next generation technology investments” picked by the governor and the Mississippi Development Authority. A better economic development policy I recently wrote about Mississippi’s efforts to create jobs by backing new […]

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