It was bound to end badly

One of the most costly government actions is the administration’s war on coal. It is the fuel for about half of the country’s electricity and one of the cheapest sources of energy. Kelley Williams, chair, Bigger Pie Forum,  February 4, 2015 | IT WASN’T TRUE LOVE when the green energy philanderer hooked up with […]

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Just finish it!

SO’s investors don’t like the Kemper project. Why? The company can’t finish Kemper’s chemical plant. It is supposed to turn worthless lignite (low grade coal) into an inexpensive substitute for cheap natural gas. It’s a failed Frankenstein experiment. By Kelley Williams | Bigger Pie Forum, Chair | | December 5, 2014 “Ain’t gonna be […]

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Report on Kemper Project casts embattled power plant in poor light

Imagine a first-of-its-kind power plant that costs $3.6 billion more than originally planned, with safety issues that required expensive, late fixes and a management team that denied delays and cost overruns until papering them over was no longer an option. By Steve Wilson  /   November 5, 2014  / Imagine a first-of-its-kind power plant that costs […]

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Could the Kemper plant explode?

There are good reasons to be concerned that the Kemper County Lignite Plant under con-struction by Mississippi Power could explode if started up. So, will it ever start up? Probably not. Here’s why. Kelley Williams | Chair, Bigger Pie Forum | | October 7, 2014 There are good reasons to be concerned that the […]

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Kemper: Turtles all the way down.

Kemper’s fantasy is that worthless lignite can be turned into a syn gas substitute for natural gas in an experimental plant and burned in a slightly modified conventional natural gas plant to produce electricity cheaper than from natural gas. Kelley Williams,  Chair Bigger Pie Forum,  August 27, 2014 A myth is a widely held false […]

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Clean coal power plants face serious problems

So-called clean coal power plants might not be the answer to new EPA regulations governing the reduction of carbon dioxide. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog | June 5, 2014   So-called clean coal power plants might not be the answer to new EPA regulations governing the reduction of carbon dioxide. The EPA released Monday new requirements for Mississippi that would […]

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